John McCarthy Depicts Screen Sirens and Historical Subjects

 - Jul 2, 2014
References: albemarlegallery & sweet-station
Screen siren Marylin Monroe, supermodel Kate Moss and an iconic statue of Jesus Christ are just some of the subjects depicted in this crinkled art series by John McCarthy.

Inspired by Malcolm Morley and Vija Celmins' paintings from reproductions in the 60s, the artist experiments with a similar visual idea and uses second-hand images to create his striking masterpieces.

John McCarthy's works aim to take a second-hand image and to focus on it as an object. The result is a set of magazine advertisements and photographs that are stripped of their text and information. "The original message of each piece is lost and the painting develops an element of ambiguity".

Once he selects his images, the artist re-captures, creases and paints each image to create his final product.