Job van der Molen Creates His Own Personal Insect Militia

If you're the kind of person who is really grossed out by insects, then the addition of weapons onto them by Dutch artist Job van der Molen's is not going to go over well with you.

Entitled 'Insect Army,' Job van der Molen – a skilled taxidermist – glues on plastic rocket launchers, laser guns, and missile racks to the body of preserved insects. The result is a terrifying look into the future of warfare, where the government uses these militarized insects as a means to conduct clandestine attacks. In some instances, Job van der Molen even adds insignias and symbols of military culture on the weapons and backs of some of his insects.

Job van der Molen creates an interesting and thought-provoking piece the melds technology and biology and speaks to our desire to want to turn almost everything into a weapon.