The Jiyo App is Based On Deepak Chopra's Lifestyle Principles

 - Jun 14, 2016
References: & marketwatch
Jiyo is an innovative new wellness app that is designed to help you benefit from the alternative medicine and lifestyle teachings of Deepak Chopra.

The app requires users to pay a $1.99 monthly fee if they wish to access premium features. It then sends users reminders that are designed to help them embrace more healthy lifestyles. For example, if you've been sitting for a long period of time, the app will alert you to your inactivity and suggest that you exercise, take a walk or at least stand up.

The Jiyo app was developed and launched by Chopra in response to "people getting lazier and lazier in our society." Indeed the proliferation of technology has reduced physical activity levels, which is associated with negative health outcomes. The Jiyo wellness app aims to do its part in getting people to be more active.