'Jewel in the Night' by Chris Hadfield is First Song Recorded in Space

 - Dec 29, 2012
References: thestar & mashable
'Jewel in the Night' by Chris Hadfield was the first song to ever be recorded in outer space. Recorded by the Canadian astronaut at the International Space Station, the song is an original by the astronaut's brother, Dave.

The song is a mix between a Christmas carol and an actual song about looking down on earth. The lyrics go: "So bright / Jewel in the night / There in my window below / So bright / Dark as the night / With all of our cities aglow." If you listen carefully, you can hear a slight buzzing in the background that is the International Space Station's fans.

As the first song ever to be recorded in space, it is fitting that the tune be about the experience of being out of this world.