The Jérémie Rozan for Surface to Air Video is Sleepy and Sultry

 - Feb 17, 2012
References: somesuchandco & itsnicethat
The Jérémie Rozan for Surface to Air video, 'Lazy Jeanne' is a sunny stroll through a humid 70s summer. Rozan favors warm toning, simple angles and cropped scenes.

The film is a series of slow, almost still shots. The film cuts from scene to scene, like a photo documentation of a quiet getaway. The quality is crisp and inviting. The styling of the video is enchanting. The combination of texture, detail and color gives as much to the narration as the composition of the scenes.

'Lazy Jeanne' engages a painful longing for summer and puppy love. Razon says of nostalgia on his site, "we all love cinema because it’s related to a moment where our brain is editing some truly lived or imagined sequences of life."