The Jeppe Hein Inverted Seat is Intentionally Upside Down

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: & coolhunting
While you may feel the need to flip the Jeppe Hein inverted seat around given that it appears to be toppled over, it was, in fact, intentionally designed to look like it is upside down.

The designer is known for his unusual and creative public seating arrangements and this latest creation is no exception. The danish creator made the bench to act as a discussion-fostering piece of furniture that questions societal norms. 

Due to its Topsy-turvy aesthetic, the bench demands attention and forces anyone who either sits on it or walks by it to become more engaged with their surroundings. Whether or not this odd piece of furniture would actually be comfortable or not is debatable, but it will certainly prompt passersby to ask those around them if the bench was meant to be upside down or not.