Jennifer B. Hudson's Latest Series Explores Memory Loss

These dramatic captures from the 'Jumping Off Point' series by Boston-based artist Jennifer B. Hudson are sure to catch the eye. Beautifully surreal, the images portray these mind absorbing sculptures that blend the human brain with nature. Extremely emotional and moving, just by glimpsing at these experimental photographs can create a countless number interpretations. According to the art and culture website My Modern Met, these images started off as "larger scale sculptural installations using organic material to create 'armor' or head adornments for the human subjects."

The true theme that Hudson is examining with this series is memory and more significantly memory loss. The mind is such an intricate and delicate portion of the body, that still provokes queries. In particular, memory loss shows people losing themselves in a different and unfamiliar territory. This occurrence is represented poetically in Jennifer B. Hudson's series.