Jen Osborne Has Been Able to Make Unrelated Pictures Come Together

 - Aug 21, 2013
References: jenosbornestudio & itsnicethat
As a photographer, Jen Osborne has been able to create a series of photos that seem in no way related to each other. However, it is within this disarray she has been able to evoke the human spirit.

This series allows viewers to enter the world of a stranger, and the pictures act as a window to their intimate lives. In Osborne's pictures, the subjects could be doing almost anything. Some people are swimming, some are twerking and some are making out. Amongst all the human activity there is also a room that is filled with balloons. Although this may not seem to make sense, it is because of this lack of congruity that the series becomes original.

Most pictures that photographers take are based off a carefully calculated theme, and it is refreshing that Jen Osborne allows viewers to act as voyeurs witnessing intimate details of stranger's lives.