The Peas & Carrots Jelly Belly Mix is Deceivingly Delicious

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: jellybelly & nylonmag
While this new Peas & Carrots Mellocreme mix by Jelly Belly may seem unconventional to confectionery enthusiasts, it’s really just a playful act of trickery. While Jelly Belly chose to market this particular flavor of jelly beans as wholesome vegetables, the flavor is in fact sweet and tempting. The pea-flavored Jelly Belly is actually green apple and the carrot is a refreshing orange sherbet.

The idea to market this sweetened candy as a nutrition-packed veggie is, however, rather clever. In addition to legume-inspired flavor, the shapes of the Jelly Belly Peas & Carrots treats are modeled after the actual food. Each package of this mellocreme mix contains small green balls and little orange sticks. This new Jelly Belly flavor certainly revolutionizes the way I look at my greens and my candy!

Implications - Humor marketing is a simple way for a business to appear to consumers as an approachable organization. Consumers will more likely be drawn to products that are marketed in a comical and amusing way because it puts them at ease and provides a sense of familiarity. A consumer often bases his or her decision to invest in a product based on the way it leads she or he to feel.