Jeanswest Denim is One Brand That Never Goes Out of Style

 - Oct 20, 2016
It is no secret that fashion trends come and go. One minute trucker hats are the must-have fashion accessory, the next minute you’re embarrassed to wear them. One year everyone is lining up to get oversized, baggy clothes, the next year the fashionistas are wanting slim-fit clothes.

For the average person, it can be tiring to keep up with the ever changing fashion scene.

Thankfully, there are some fashion staples that every wardrobe – male or female – should have and that will never go out of style.

Here are our five unisex fashion staples that every wardrobe must have.


Jeans are the ultimate wardrobe item. Perfect for nearly all occasions, they can be dressed up or dressed down. Throw on a blazer and a dress shoe and you’ve got a smart casual outfit. Put on some sneakers and a T-Shirt and you’ve got something casual for the weekend. Cardigans, hoodies, jumpers, sweaters, shirts or singlets, anything goes with jeans! The key is choosing the right fit for your body and in a neutral blue color for maximum style flexibility. Finding a reputable jeans retailer is also important. Companies such as Jeanswest – which provides hundreds of fits, styles and washes for both men and women – ticks all those boxes with the added bonus of having being around for over 40 years! Keep your jeans in good condition and you’ll be wearing them for years to come.


Sneakers come and go, however, there’s an enduring factor to shoe company Converse. You can’t go wrong with a black pair of their classic Chuck Taylors, which are perfect for everyday wear and ooze cool with their stylish canvas material. This shoe has been around for decades and has still has yet to go out of style. In short, these are one pair of sneakers that will always be a great option.


A pair of sunnies isn’t just for helping protect your eyes – okay, that’s a big part of it – but also they can finish off any outfit. There is something instantly cool about covering up your eyes with a pair of slick sunnies, which is why we recommend a pair of sunglasses as an essential part of any wardrobe. However, choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses is always a challenge. Sunglass styles will come and go and can range vary in size and shape from one year to the next. Rather than follow the trends, go into a store, try on a few pairs and find the one that suits your face, ensuring that the frames are simple, yet stylish.


Coats are to winter as sunglasses are to summer and you shouldn’t be without a coat in winter for both practical and fashionable reason. A good coat can finish off any winter outfit and can almost be an outfit in itself, which is why it’s vital to get a great coat that will last for many winters to come. Avoid anything that’s too over the top or made with any bold embellishments. Go for a neutral color that will last the test of time – either a black or a beige. Most importantly, make sure it’s warm!

Classic White Tee

A tee is the perfect fashion piece. Whether you’re wearing it in the middle of summer with a pair shorts, on a lukewarm day with a pair of plain jeans, or in the middle of winter under a cardigan, there’s something effortless about the versatility of a white tee. Best of all, they’re reasonably priced and will last ages. Avoid deep-neck tees and go for the simpleness of a round neck shirt. Also, don’t be afraid to mix it up the color every now and then – blue, black or even green is always a great choice.