Javier Pérez Brings Everyday Objects to Life with Only His Penci

 - Nov 9, 2013
References: instagram & thisiscolossal
By adding only a few lines from his pencil, Ecuadorian illustrator Javier Perez manages to turn simple everyday household items (except for the floppy disk) into eye-catching illustrations.

These drawings illustrate Perez's ability to see things not just as they are but for what they can be when one breaks free from conventional thinking and allows their imagination to truly run wild. Items such as pliers, staplers and even Oreo cookies are all given new life once they have passed through the mind of Javier Perez.

Javier Perez demonstrates that one does not need to be a talented illustrator in order to create impressive works of art, but rather all that is needed is a little imagination and something to create with. Seriously, literally anything will suffice.