The Japane Thermos is Designed Like a Traditional Japanese Teacup

This Japanese Thermos is designed to look like traditional Japanese styled teacups in hopes of becoming a popular choice for tea drinkers during the winter season.

While Japanese citizens are no stranger to products crafted by the global insulation giant Thermos, many Japanese still adhere to their traditions, which includes drinking tea from Japanese teacup which are designed without handles and are meant to be held with both hands.

To replicate this tea drinking experience, Thermos created a teacup made from a stainless steel body with a ceramic-like finish, a lid to keep it warm and a detachable insulated resin brim which is suppose to mimic the feel of sipping from a Japanese teacup.

The Japanese Thermos is a perfect example of how companies should tailor their products to succeed in foreign markets to fit in with the habits and traditions of their potential consumers.