Jane St. Shows How Brands Capitalize on Female Empowerment

 - Aug 10, 2016
References: janest & dazeddigital
Last year, the ad agency John St. created a fake sister agency called 'Jane St.' to cleverly expose how brands are using the message of female empowerment to sell products. Operating under the tagline "Powering empowerment through the power of brands," Jane St. offers a humorous, yet eye-opening depiction of feminism in mainstream advertising.

The website for Jane St. promises brands that it can use the message of female empowerment to tap into women's deepest insecurities and ultimately sell more products. The brand even gives its target audience the title of 'Core Lady Insecurity To Target.' The agency then highlights several parody ads that reveal just how brand's manage to capitalize on women's fears by using the veil of 'girl power.' These ads range from 0 Hour Deodorant designed to build confidence to a product that helps women highlight their body hair.

The parody agency perfectly highlights the rise of femvertising and how brands sometimes use women's insecurities to boost confidence in an inauthentic way.