The 'Jaguar Bookshelf' by Denieuwegeneratie is Purely Vintage Living

 - Mar 10, 2012
References: bornrich & geekologie
When one's love for cars exceeds allotted space on the driveway, the only direction to go is inside, which is exactly what the 'Jaguar Bookshelf' by Denieuwegeneratie was made for. A vintage, luxury Jaguar has been re-purposed by the German design studio so that it could serve as a stylish bookshelf in a living room.

There is no doubt that having a high class vehicle standing on its tail in one's living room will promote an instantaneous look of expensive elegance and once one can get past the fact that there's a car in the living room, it actually blends in quite well with the surrounding environment. The 'Jaguar Bookshelf' by Denieuwegeneratie may have sparked a revolution in luxury furniture interiors.