The Jack Wang & Holman Wang ‘Cozy Classics’ Series is Adorab

By condensing thousands of pages, the Jack Wang & Holman Wang ‘Cozy Classics’ series is perfect for your future literary-loving child. Brothers Jack and Holman Wang collaborated in creating timeless classics relevant for children aged zero and over. Birthed out of the idea to take something highbrow and make it child-like, the artists were inspired and began transforming Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Melville’s Moby Dick into needle felted objects.

In using wool figures of the main characters, the series recreates the novels’ settings into 12 photographs. The children’s series, published by Vancouver-based Simply Read, will be available later in the year for fall 2012. Cozy Classics makes novels that are likely to appear in a high-school syballus appeal to children.