DeviantART User Jabberholic Instills Melancholy Mood into his Paintings

Enigmatic deviantART user Jabberholic can make something as mundane as a bedroom totally engaging. It’s not so much the scenes themselves, but the atmosphere of each picture that really seduces viewers into engaging with the paintings. It’s easy to get caught up dissecting the nuances of these images in order to distil meaning, but those moments would not be wasted.

Not much is known about Jabberholic, who chooses to remain anonymous on the Internet and let these melancholy paintings speak for themselves. The quick and purposeful brushstrokes seem indicative of a concept artist’s work, though Jabberholic also displays traits of a full-time illustrator in the ultra refinement of certain pieces.

Animals are also usually present in Jabberholic’s work, perhaps to give viewers an animate object to contrast the stillness of the households he depicts.