Bathing Beauties Festival Architecture

 - Apr 24, 2008
Beach huts on the Lincolnshire coast of the UK have had radical makeovers as part of the Bathing Beauties festival, the first part of which was in 2007.

The festival makes beach huts truly for the 21st century. In addition to Jabba the Hut (pictured) there is one titled Eyes Wide Shut which features front and back, floor-to-ceiling mirrored sliding doors with the inside featuring photographs of a forest clearing, a candlelit chandelier and those reflective one-way windows looking out at the sea from the front, and the town from the back.

These huts were winners of an international competition to reinvent the iconic British beach hut, and I think they ROCK. The idea came from Lincolnshire County Council who realised their 500 or so largely neglected beach huts were one of their best assets.

The first five huts in the Bathing Beauties program will include Come Up and See Me, "a surreal take on a gin-and-tonic with two 'straws' that will channel light into the interior and an eco-friendly 'swizzle stick' that doubles as a wind turbine to light up a 'wedge of lemon'. "

The BEST bit is you can even now hire out the beach huts to stay in at a bargain price of £20-£25 a day. YEAH!