'Itsaso' by TOMAAS Conveys Movement and Grace

 - May 9, 2012
References: tomaas & photographyserved
'Itsaso' by TOMAAS reveals the elegance and gracefullness of water, movement and models. The New York City-based fashion and beauty photographer captures motion-filled, water-drop-bespectacled beauty within each shot in this dark red, almost crimson-hued series.

From streaks of hair whipping across the frame, to the black background and dispondant expressions worn by the model, there is an elusive, wandering beauty cyrstallized in these photographs.

TOMAAS has fixed his lens exclusively on the model's head, as obscured by drops of water streaking. In this way, the viewer is left alternating their focus between the water droplets and the model. This shifting focus further enhances the sense of motion in the series. To convey such movement with what is inherently a still artform is telling of the photographer's talents.