Itay Ohaly's Colored Memories Exhibit Breeds Artists

 - Jul 9, 2014
References: ohaly & frameweb
The 'Colored Memories' exhibit by Itay Ohaly allows its visitors to play the role of an artist. The Israel-based designer looked to his childhood when creating his latest exhibition for the Design Museum Holon in Israel.

"When remembering his first artistic creations, he was reminded of learning to make color etchings in kindergarten." The artist would create a series of coloured doodles and pictures that were covered with a layer of solid black. Through the etching process, the pieces later revealed a under-layer of vibrant hues.

These memories are translated in his latest, 'Colored Memories' art installation. The artist's all-black room served as a canvas for visitors who were invited to freely express themselves through their strokes. The visitors were not only limited to walls but also customized the room's furnishings. A second room was also featured in the exhibit but was pre-planned and carved with a CNC router.