3D Art by Markus Hofko

 - Dec 3, 2008
References: rainbowmonkey.de & notcot.org
This series of islands is a sculptural installation by German artist Markus Hofko. They are 3D replicas of miniature pieces of land and the imagined life on them. It seems that sometimes things make more sense when seen in smaller scales.

Sometimes beauty and insanity stick out more in random artwork, reminding you to stop and smell the roses before some natural force like a meteor hits the earth and we are all forced off into floating islands in space.

Markus Hofko goes by the name of Rainbowmonkey, the name of the site where the islands are featured. The work is apparently still in progress and the artist says he plans many more random island creations.

What he created them for, and how his project will progress is not revealed on his site, but it has left me very intrigued to find out.