IRISPen Handheld Scanner Lets You Digitally Absorb What You Read

 - Jun 1, 2011
References: amazon & 7gadgets
My essay-writing days may be behind me, though I can't help but think what convenience the IRISPen Handheld Scanner would have offered me should it have been available sooner.

The clever device is one of the smallest digital script converters on the market. Having been designed for optimal ergonomic handling and portability, it fits easily into your briefcase or backpack and is hardly more difficult to grip than a marker. The gadget is powered through a USB port, to which it connects with a cord to your computer allowing it to deliver, verbatim, what the original printed source described.

The IRISPen Handheld Scanner is versed in 128 OCR languages, and can transcribe text with accents and numbers. Quoting Shakespeare word-for-word is rarely so simple.