The iPoo Toilet Has a Toilet Seat Thinner than a MacBook Air

 - Jan 4, 2012
References: milosparipovic & designbuzz
Serbian designer Milos Paripovic has designed the iPoo Toilet as a tongue-in-cheek shot at Apple and its electronics. The iPoo Toilet is an ultra-modern toilet designed to cost twice as much as regular toilets while performing the exact same functions. The designer's words, not mine.

For those of you who don't know, Milos Paripovic was the man who jokingly redesigned the famously bad automobile the Yugo as the Zugo EV. The Zugo was meant to be a joke, but it somehow managed to capture fifth place in a car design contest. The iPoo Toilet was designed in the same vein, although I doubt it will garner any awards. The iPoo Toilet has the shape of Apple's logo when closed and opened and features a toilet seat "thinner than a MacBook Air." Even the biggest tech companies in the world are not immune to criticism. It's nice to see someone calling out a major company in such a creative and fun way.