Hyperstealth Camouflage Bends Light To Create Invisibility

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: hyperstealth & dailymail
The US Military is allegedly supporting the development of Hyperstealth's invisible fabrics which could undoubtedly create the ultimate defense for soldiers. Whether or not these invisible fabrics are a reality have not been confirmed by the public eye, but the news of the venture with the US Military has gone viral.

To date, Hyperstealth is responsible for issuing over two million uniforms and 3000 vehicle patterns. The latest technology titled "Quantum Stealth" has claims which would enable the wearer to become completely unseen. The invisible fabrics work by bending light and are said to also remove infrared and thermal signatures as well as shadows.

You have to love when popular fiction becomes a reality.

Implications - If the claims are true, this discovery by Hyperstealth would be earth shattering. It would inspire others to know that anything is possible. No dream or idea is too big.