Invention Solar Power Eco

 - Aug 11, 2011
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Those houses we used to see in sci-fi movies are slowly becoming more and more of a reality.

Take a look at the latest offering designed by the ‘IaaC’ (Institute for advance architecture of California. It is a response to an increasing demand and popularity in ecological solutions for homes and businesses.

It has been built from wood and generates double the amount of electricity required to run all the components inside the house. The oval design helps to ensure the solar panels receive maximum coverage. This has of course been tried in the sunny state of California and would of course be handicapped in the northern hemiphere.

Nevertheless it is a truly remarkable build and certainly a glance into the future.

Implications - Huge potential in the market for eco-friendly products and solutions for homes and businesses. There is an increasing trend in ecological solutions which are evolving out of necessity.