The Infographic Describes Beneficial Introvert Personality Traits

 - Aug 30, 2014
References: introvertspring & designtaxi
This infographic explores ten different positive attributes of the introvert personality. From Introvert Spring, the Top 10 Reasons Why Introverts are Awesome explore the benefits of being a quieter person.

Three of the reasons focus on thinking before speaking, noting that the introvert personality prefers to choose words carefully, spend time to think things through and be great listeners. Their enjoyment of solitude is also a good thing as it makes them more focused, wise, imaginative and creative. They also have great social skills, are keen observers and loyal to those they trust.

The aim of the introversion infographic and the blog that created it is to encourage introverts to stay true to themselves and value the virtues of their introverted nature instead of trying to adapt to a world that values extroversion.