The Infusion Balloon Provides an Inviting Design to Intravenous Therapy

 - Jul 8, 2016
References: & yankodesign
Having intravenous therapy can be a traumatizing and intimidating experience for many children that are afraid of needles piercing their body. This is why Cui Zehao and several other fellow designers came up with the Infusion Balloon that offers a much more friendly and inviting IV treatment system by disguising the device to look like a welcoming colored balloon. The concept behind the design draws upon the joyous experience children have with balloons as a way to distract the young patients from the treatment.

The Infusion Balloon is an IV treatment that is designed to look like a floating balloon on a string. The string acts as the wire that transmits the medicinal fluid to the child's body while the colored balloon houses the liquid up top. The balloon rises when it is near empty to signal doctors and caretakers.