Fair Squared's pH-Balanced Line Has Wash, Exfoliant, Cream & Spray

While many intimate care products seem to lack the quality of skincare products that get consumers excited about their self-care rituals, Fair Squared is out to change this with its new intimate skincare range.

The organic, vegan, natural and fair trade skincare collection for the intimate area is entirely pH-balanced, as well as accredited by Natrue, The Vegan Society, PETA and Halal-certified. The new skincare line includes an Intimate Wash, an Intimate Peeling Exfoliator, an Intimate Deodorant Cream, as well as an Intimate After Shave Spray.

While there are some other brands that also put a similar focus on intimate care, Fair Squared sets itself apart with an ethical approach, as the only natural and organic personal care brand of its kind in the UK that is also certified fair trade.