The Bra Elevated to Art

 - Mar 7, 2008
Subject to fetish, seen as a necessary nuisance, a protection, a manifestation of female beauty and seduction, or of pure aesthetics, the bra is an extremely important piece in the feminine world.

During the sixties women threw their bras in any fire available. It was a period of sexual liberation. Now these women are baby-boomers and since then the bra never has been again what it ones was.

The exposition "O Soutién" (“The Brassiere”), promoted by the Associação Brasileira dos Artistas Plásticos de Colagem (ABAPC), in Teatro Tuca in São Paulo offers more ideas. Several visual artists created 25 models of this polemic piece of clothing, transforming it into real art.

The choice of materials used is amazing: wood, metal, cloth, wire, feathers, sand, plaster, recycled parts, and even edible gumdrops.

01 â€" Cida Dottori,
02 - Adriana Riskallah
03 - Adina Worcman
04 - Yolanda Bessa
05 â€" The model Silicon Valley, of Rosangela AP

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