This Japanese Radish Has Reached Celebrity Status as an Internet Joke

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: kotaku
There is nothing better than getting in on the newest Internet joke as it spreads and becomes viral. The great thing about the Internet is that as it increases with popularity, more and more creative people get a chance to try their hand at elevating an original idea.

This is what happened in Japan when an unusual radish was found. It wasn't your average radish, this one quite literally was dead set on avoiding the dreaded fate of most vegetables; the radish looked like it was sprinting away with its two arms and two legs flying outward. It was aptly named the 'Running Away Radish' (nigeru daikon) and has become another amazing Internet joke. Not even Forrest Gump has anything on this galvanized radish as it sprints into the hearts of the world.

The Internet sensation has even appeared on Japanese television and was featured as a toy for sale at the Wonder Festival.