The Atlantic's Interactive Smartphone Map Charts Cellphone Stats

 - Sep 26, 2011
References: theatlantic & gizmodo
The Interactive Smartphone Map -- developed by The Atlantic magazine with data from the U.S. Census -- lets you test out the generalizations about device owners you've always maintained. Are iPhone owners really the affluent Valley girls you assumed? Do all basement-bound nerds buy Androids?

Much to the delight of marketing agencies and advertisers, the project lets you overlay demographic details onto a map of the United States whose colors are based on device popularity. As you navigate the mini-game, some very intriguing information begins to emerge. For example, BlackBerry users are considerably younger and live in less urban places than you'd imagine -- according to the Interactive Smartphone Map, they're all in Wisconsin.

As a young, Android-owning, city-dwelling minority member, the map suggests that Arizona and Georgia are the places where my kinfolk congregate. I'll let my Motorola Blur map out the trip!