This Map of the US Shows Intimacy Patterns in Different States

 - Feb 24, 2014
References: nerve & sploid.gizmodo
An intercourse map sounds like the weirdest map that one could use or own, but in this case it’s actually pretty informative. It turns out that the map doesn’t actually point to anything like most maps do and this one acts more as an infographic.

In a study that probably wouldn’t have been thought up by anybody except the people that made this, an intercourse map showing the length of times Americans in different States are intimate for was created. In a surprising turn, much of the south were pretty frigid with their times, but none more so than Alaska. It would seem that considering it’s so cold out there, cuddling up together would be a bit more viable.

Surprisingly enough, New Mexico leads all states with just over 7 minutes. Even if you subtracted Alaska’s putrid 1:21, you would still be ahead of the second place State, West Virginia.