Mensa and are Collaborating to Connect Intelligent Singles

 - Jun 25, 2014
References: & refinery29
There are a lot of dating services out there that match people who have niche interests, are of a certain age or answer a particular way to a question, so why wouldn't there be a dating site for intelligent singles? In a genius move, (a dating website) is teaming up with Mensa (the world's oldest high IQ society) to connect the smartest single people in the United States.

Mensa Match will provide an exclusive online dating platform for Mensa members only. Mensa members will also be able to search Match for users who have a Mensa badge on their profile, indicating they are also seeking intelligent singles to partner up with.

The elite non-profit organization is open to people who score in the 98th percentile on a standardized, supervised IQ test. Both companies will be offering the test at a promotional rate until July 6th if you think you have what it takes.