Add Insult to Injury with These Awesome Bandages

 - Mar 5, 2013
References: accoutrements
It’s important to keep bandages on stand-by for those times when you get a cut, or scrape a knee, but there’s no rule that says that they have to be boring. Why not make the switch to Shakespearean Insult Bandages? In each tin are 15 bandages, each with a different insult from Shakespearean plays. 

Adding these to your first aid kit will expand your vocabulary and give you a good chuckle. There’s nothing like a good Shakespearean dig to make you feel better after a small injury. Having bandages like these at home will make you want to be more adventurous, just so you have more opportunities to use them!
These humorous bandages act as the silver lining that comes along with getting hurt. It’s a clever way to cover your cuts and turn your frown upside down.