The 'LUFT' Inhalers for Asthma Sport a Stylish Aesthetic

 - Sep 20, 2017
References: yankodesign
Medical inhalers for asthma are often crafted from plastic and have a somewhat disposable design, sot the 'LUFT' inhaler has been designed with lasting capabilities in mind. The 'LUFT' inhaler is crafted from delrim acetal resin material and premium titanium that work to make it a hypoallergenic piece of equipment that's highly durable for daily use. Best of all, the 'LUFT' inhaler helps to break the longstanding assumption that inhalers have to be something hidden away and only seen when required by the individual.

The 'LUFT' inhalers for asthma are the design work of Ryan J. Mercer and have been designed in a few demure color options that make them suitable for being shown off rather than being a point of embarrassment for patients young and old.