The Ineed App Helps You Find Products Across Millions Of Stores

Ineed is a trailblazing retail app that is designed to facilitate easy flow of information when it comes to helping you figure out the availability of products in physical stores in your area.

Online shopping is well and good, but there is a dearth of apps out there that are targeted towards people who simply want to see if a particular product is available on their block so they can go and pick it up themselves rather than wait for it to be delivered by Amazon. This is where Ineed comes in. When you search for a particular product on the app, it displays a map showing pins of all the stores that carry that particular product. You can then compare the prices of products in different stores.

By plugging into the inventory systems of different stores, Ineed has managed to innovatively open up product information to customers, empowering them to make informed purchasing decisions.