Olivier Grunewaldof Snaps an Active Indonesia Volcano Up-Close

 - Apr 23, 2014
References: stupidDOPE
The Indonesia Volcano 'Kawah Ijen' is currently active and constantly leaks sulphurous gasses. Photographer Olivier Grunewald likes to get up close and personal with the volcanos so this one was perfect for him to shoot because of its unique features and brightly colored ooze.

Volcanic eruptions are usually captured from far away for safety reasons so it is intriguing to see their little features that normally can't be captured unless you are close enough. The pictures feature the volcano near East Java at night. The lava illuminates the dark evening sky with purple, blue and red lights. The colors are created when the hot gases emit through the cracks of the volcano and mix with the air. They can also combust and emit flames more than 16 feet into the sky.