This Indian Springfield Bike Can Be Lowered to Ground Level

 - Apr 9, 2016
References: azzkikrcustombaggers & gizmag
The Indian Springfield is a motorbike that is as iconic as any out there, and as a result it's also a motorbike that has been reinvented by many.

This particular motorbike is a Frontier 11, a modern yet retro bagger-style motorbike designed by Phoenix, Arizona-based Azzkikr Custom Baggers. This particular bike is already capable of a maximum torque of 119.2 pound-feet, although this figure is likely to increase thanks to the inclusion of innovative add-ons including a custom two-into-one exhaust. In addition to that, this motorbike also features an exceptionally unique and innovative 'air ride' system that can be used to lower the bike to nearly ground level.

Ultimately, the Frontier 11 is a fine example of an Indian Springfield motorbike done with respect but with the infusion of innovative engineering.