The Sport Of Geeks And Freaks

 - Oct 7, 2008
References: count-dante & blog.wired
Incredibly Strange Wrestling matches are like nothing you would have ever seen before. Masked misfits dress up like Bigfoot, devil chickens and despicable freaks who then fight in the ring.

It courts controversy and any display of DIY showmanship and reckless physicality would do - and more often than not ends in injury.

Over-the-top characters like Count Dante, Macho Sasquatcho, Uncle NAMBLA and The Poontangler are what the fans go to see. Personally I can not think of anything that would make a better wrestling weapon than a crucafix either!!! The video features a man fighting in a hot dog costume!!!

Beer, blood and cornmeal is the book to buy if you want to find out more.