This Clothing Line Re-Imagines College Names After Black Leaders

These racially inclusive sweaters have the same aesthetic as typical college or university apparel, but they are simply imagined, as if these schools existed. In reality, recognition of black leaders is virtually absent on the collegiate scene, with very few schools honoring black influencers in the current educational environment.

This collection however, called the 'School of Thought Sweatshirt Line,' draws upon famous and prominent black individuals to name fictional schools after them. Leaders in the collection include writer and activist Audre Lorde, abolitionist Harriet Tubman, botanist and inventor George Washington Carver and writer James Baldwin, among many others. The innovative clothing line was designed by Donte Neal, an illustration intern at Mashable in partnership with Philadelphia Printworks, a socially conscious screen printing company. Neal hopes to expand the line of inclusive sweaters to include snapbacks and T-shirts -- a thoughtful and forward-thinking manner to make politically and socially charged messages through fashion.