Incidental Comics Pokes Good Humored Fun at the Writing World

Attention all you word nerds and literary lovers, because this clever comic from Incidental Comics is sure to tickle your funny bone like no other. Think back to the days when you languished away in your High School English class and tried your best to remember everything your teacher taught you, because the Literary Devices comic creates literal interpretations of the vocabulary you might have slept through.

From the Irony Board to the Foreshadow Puppet, these literary devices are for lovers of puns and witty word play. The Literary Devices comic transforms the act of novel writing into a full out construction. Taking the word devices literally, the comic features a series of machines that are required in the crafting of the next great American novel.

Hilarious, punny and painfully clever, the Literary Devices comic from Incidental Comics is sure to insight a few giggles from the wordsmith's in the crowd.