Scrutinize Your Own Rear View

 - Aug 15, 2007
References: geekologie
Forget rear-view mirrors. The future is all about rear-view cameras, and the rear I'm referring to is your own.

No more listening to your friends beg you to answer one of life's most touchy questions: "Does my butt look fat in these?"

Now you'll be able to say, "Judge for yourself, sweetheart."

A Scottsdale Arizona store has taken one of the biggest burdens out of shopping by introducing cameras in the changeroom that capture an image of your heinie. Hub Clothing had the cameras installed outside of dressing rooms so women can comfortably take a look at how these jeans really make their back-sides look, without any awkward neck twisting.

A real friend is honest, right? That's one of the toughest parts about shopping with your girls. Nothing brings down the mood of a shopping trip more than bruising your girlfriend's ego. Or having your own self-esteem bowled over when your pal's brutal honesty confirms your guilt for skipping that session at the gym yesterday.

Now it's up to you to judge if moving from whole milk to skim might be a good idea for your afternoon lattes. The camera never lies.