In Depth by Romain Laurent is Entertainingly Surreal

 - Nov 18, 2013
References: romain-laurent &
At first glance, the photo series titled In Depth by Romain Laurent, a French photographer based in Brooklyn, New York, looks as though it simply revolves around a few accident prone individuals. As entertaining as that would be on its own, upon closer inspection it becomes abundantly clear that his surreal signature touch is in full effect here as well.

Essentially, In Depth by Romain Laurent revolves around one very pesky lamp post that gets impossibly in the way of three people. First, a man walks right into it, which is strange since he's across the street. Then a cyclist gets his bike wrapped around it in an unexpected way and finally a woman's purse is looped through it. In general, all of the images revolve around the idea of depth.