Imperial Chorizo is a US Brand Making Quality Dry Cured Meats

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: food52
Pata Negra is an American company based in New York State that produces Imperial Chorizo, a range of Spanish-style cured meats. Imperial Chorizo uses ancient recipes and traditional expertise passed down through the generations to create a truly unique, high-quality offering that will taste as if it is right out of Spain.

Interestingly, Imperial Chorizo makes their product without any heat treatment, which helps in the preservation of each distinct flavor note. Since it takes a longer time this way, the results are a heightened flavor profile boosted by the use of premium Spanish paprika and pork.

This particular offering from Imperial Chorizo consists of a three-pack sampler that includes Spanish Chorizo Hot, Spanish Chorizo Mild and Spanish Chorizo Blanco.