The Wander Space Probe Features Images of the Universe Made from Food

 - Apr 17, 2016
References: instagram & sobadsogood
The Wander Space Probe is a social media project featured on Instagram that showcases remarkably realistic images of the universe constructed entirely out of food. The illustrations are constructed by photographer Navid Baraty that take inspiration from images captured by NASA of the stars, planets and vastness of space. Each image created by Baraty uses different food elements one might find in their pantry to recreate the celestial elements to a level of realness that is unmistakably photorealistic.

Baraty's space illustrations highlight elements such as the planets, stars, galaxies and bodies of matter floating around space using food items such as cooking spices and ingredients. The food is expertly arranged to capture the vivid color and texture of the objects to render a realistic depiction of space created using food.