'I'm Not There' Features Shoes & Shadows that Belong to No One

 - Apr 17, 2012
References: flickr & ufunk.net
This 'I'm Not There' photo series will have viewers scratching their heads as to how the effect was achieved. Sure, readers can relegate the process to simple computer software manipulation, but the images seem so natural that you’d never suspect any tampering was done.

Featured within the photos of 'I'm Not There' are the shoes and shadows of a male subject. The person casting the shadow, however, isn’t physically in the location where he should be in order to block out light. This produces a ghostly effect as real world rules don’t apply in these pictures.

'I'm Not There' was made by a Flickr user named Pol Ubeda Hervas, who resides in Barcelona. The shadows and shoes belong to Hervas and he explains that these photographs are a reflection of how he sees himself.