Etsy User 'Il Gatto Selvatico' Designs Crafty Patriotic Jewelry

 - Nov 28, 2011
References: facebook & etsy
Etsy user 'Il Gatto Selvatico' designs embroidered emblems that feature map-like outlines of various countries. Love your country so much that you just want to show it off to everyone? Or maybe you've been to a place that you will never forget and it's still in your heart, so much so that you'd like to carry it with you?

Well, either way, these hand-embroidered necklaces by Il Gatto Selvatico will definitely suit you. And if you don't find what you're looking for in the Etsy store, or if you simply want a more customized piece by adding a star or a little heart to your neck, or even combining two countries together, then you can write Penelope (this is the name of the creative mind behind Il Gatto Selvatico) and she will craft your unique, custom piece.