Ikaroz Tags Stockholm with Crazy Characters

 - Apr 26, 2012
References: ikaroz & lostateminor
Stockholm-based artist Ikaroz's work is many things, but boring it is not. His street art is an explosive celebration of color and eccentricity, bringing to life many otherwise humdrum spots of Stockholm. This is a major appeal of street art; when done well, it has the ability to transform entire environments into places of whimsy, curiosity and even beauty.

In fact, much of Ikaroz's art is reminiscent of abstract expressionism. This is not to say that it is pretentious in some way or worse, boring. Rather it is, like his figurative work, an exploration of color and shapes that are not often found in formal urban planning, architecture or landscape architecture.

Obviously, street art is not appropriate everywhere, but where it is, Ikaroz should be welcomed with open arms.