The 'Idle Smart' Device Deters Drivers from Leaving the Engine Running

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: idlesmart & fastcoexist
'Idle Smart' is a handy device that is designed to deter truck drivers from leaving their engine running at night. For many long-haul truck drivers, the only way to stay warm when pulled over for the night is by leaving the engine on. However, idling not only wastes fuel, but it also causes significant air pollution.

Idle Smart is designed to provide a solution to the issue of regulating cab temperatures. Similar to a thermostat, the device can be set at a particular temperature. If the temperature in the cab falls below a certain number, the device will cause the engine to come back on. As soon as the cab has warmed up again, the engine will be shut off. According to Idle Smart's co-founder Ryan Bennett, the system can cut down on idling time by as much as 70 percent.

The smart thermostat could provide a more environmentally-friendly and cost-conscious solution for long-haul truck drivers everywhere.