Stainless Steel Wallet Keeps Your Money Safe

 - Jul 18, 2009   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: hammacher
Stainless steel wallets are sensible for people who are tired of replacing their wallet every year.

They are made with 25 000 stainless steel threads, but the wallet itself is smooth as silk. In terms of durability, this stainless steel wallet won't stretch, or stain. It also resists corrosive material.

The stainless steel wallet also resists radio-frequency hacking--the latest identity theft technique which attempts to scan newer credit cards.

Implications - With the fluidity of the Internet, consumers are becoming more aware of security. Products that ensure the safety of a customer's finances are appealing to those savvy shoppers who don't want to worry about jeopardizing anything. Designers could introduce more of these precautionary items in order to generate more revenue.