'iddo' is the First BMX Sensor in the World and is Backed by Microsoft

 - Mar 3, 2015
References: imiddo & facebook
The iddo BMX Sensor is the first BMX sensor in the world, backed by Microsoft. Whether its Freestyle or Racing, iddo register the tricks, track time, air time and so on. The iddo BMX Sensor is able to register all of these things thanks to the 9 Axis Sensors inside the packaging that goes onto the BMX frame. Also, it is equipped with Precision Altimeter, a built-in GPS, a ten-hour Battery, an ambient light sensor and a temperature and humidity sensor.

The iddo BMX Sensor is a small package that offers a strong arsenal allowing the users/BMX riders to register their performance, get tips on how to improve and also gives them the social side of it, allowing them to share their scores, challenge friends or even, within the app, create and organize events in a specific skate park.